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Mail-In Suspension! Or drop off at:

229 Airport Rd, Suite 7 

Arden, NC 28704 (UPS Store)

I also offer pickup and drop-off for all of Asheville, Arden, Fletcher, Mills River, and Brevard for a small fee, depending on location.

For any questions, please email Dylan@pisgahbikeworks.com. 

Call or Text: M: 828-620-3581



50-Hour Service - $100

  • Service Includes

    • Replace Dust Wipers
    • Replace Fork Seals
    • Replace all seals, O-rings, bladders (if applicable), and other expendable components replaced on both the spring and damper
    • Full Cleaning
    • Reset Rebound Settings
    • Reset Compression Settings
    • Functions check and final inspection

100-Hr Complete Service - $160

Service Include

Replace Fork Seals

  • Air Spring Service
  • Damper Service/Rebuild
  • Replace all seals, O-rings, bladders (if applicable), and other expendable components replaced on both the spring and damper
  • Dampers will be hand bled or bled in a vacuum pump (if applicable)
  • Full Cleaning
  • Reset Rebound Settings
  • Reset Compression Settings
  • Functions checked and final inspection

Suspension Services and Tuning!

Pisgah Bike Works is now grateful to be a dealer for Vorsprung Suspension, Diaz Suspension Design, and PUSH INDUSTRIES.

We sell the aftermarket parts for tuning, or you can have us install it for you with a rapid turn-around time! Call or email Dylan if you have any questions.



Three Stages of Control

By independently optimizing the beginning, middle, and end portions of the stroke, the Secus gives you the linear-to-progressive spring rate that coil springs and traditional air springs alike wish they had. 



Make a good fork a great fork. 

Taking everything we learned with the Corset air sleeves, the Luftkappe is a new air piston assembly that enlarges the negative air chamber to reduce the initial spring rate. This lets you run higher air pressure for more support in the middle and end of the stroke with improved sensitivity at the start of the stroke. User installable and simple to set up, the Luftkappe transforms a good fork into a great fork.


  • Coil-like feel without the harsh bottoming of a completely linear spring
  • Lower initial spring rate increases sensitivity

  • Improved mid-stroke support & control

  • Compatible with stock bottomless tokens

  • Superior bump compliance and traction

  • Reduced hand fatigue

  • Reduces required compression damping

  • Optional 10mm shaft clamps available for self-install


smashpot coil conversion system


Run over everything.

You are presenting the Smashpot - a fork coil spring conversion system for single crown enduro forks featuring externally adjustable hydraulic anti-bottoming technology to deliver precisely the amount of bottoming resistance you need. The benefits of the coil are clear: if your first priority for your fork is outright performance and grip, get yourself a Smashpot.


• Catering to rider weights from 45kg (100lbs) to 125kg (275lbs) with 11 coil spring rates

• Allows lighter riders to get the most use out of their forks and heavier riders the support they need without excessive air pressures

• Only coil conversion system on the market allowing 180mm travel (Please note that 190mm is not possible with the Zeb)

• Easily adjust your travel with internal spacers (please note the minimum & maximum travel of your fork as determined by the manufacturer)

• Unique Hydraulic Bottom-out System reduces harshness

• Can be transferred between different forks with minimal parts /cost (purchase of a new top cap or foot stud)

• Reliable and low maintenance, set and forget. User installable and serviceable

•Weight increase of approximately 250-450g (dependent on spring rate and fork's existing spring system)


Diaz Suspension DesignsRuntAnimation8.gif

How does it work?

This animation demonstrates the linear progression of the RUNT. When the low or main air chamber’s pressure equalizes the high or small chamber, the floating piston begins to move, allowing for a linear pressure curve previously impossible in air-sprung forks.

Infinite adjustability…

The RUNT still uses air, so unlike a coil spring, the progressiveness of the curve is infinitely adjustable. For example, more aggressive riders looking for a bit more bottom-out resistance can add air to the high chamber to provide a more progressive curve. Increasing the progressiveness with the RUNT does not affect the small bump compliance. Instead, it provides more bottom-out resistance from the end of the mid-stroke through the end of the travel.
"The Runt" and Re-Valve Service can tune the suspension to your weight and riding style!





    • ELEVENSIX Compression Valve Technology for your fork
    • Pressure Balanced Symmetrical flow rate for increased traction and control
    • Provides smooth plush ride without being mushy
    • “Shim-Less” High-Speed Compression Valve for seamless and smooth damping force in consecutive bumps providing a controlled and compliant ride
    • 28 Clicks of external Low-Speed Compression adjustment featuring a Parabolic Needle Shape for a precise incremental adjustment range
    • 28 Clicks of external High-Speed Compression Damping featuring a fine resolution thread for a precise incremental adjustment range
    • Includes Rebound shims for Revalve
    • LYRIK: Compatible with all Lyrik RC, RCT3, and RC2 forks equipped with Charger 2 and 2.1 Damper cartridges
    • YARI: Compatible with all Yari forks that have been fitted with an upgraded RCT3 or RC2 Charger 2 or 2.1 Damper Cartridge. 
    • ZEB: Compatible with Select Plus and Ultimate Models
    • 15x110mm Axle PIKE: Compatible only with 15x110mm Axle Spacing Pike forks equipped with Charger 2 and 2.1 Damper Cartridges
    • 15x100mm Axle PIKE: Not Compatible! 



    The PUSH ACS3 Fork Coil Conversion Kit significantly improves the sensitivity of your air fork. Models with relatively small negative chambers will particularly benefit from the conversion and perform a lot better than with the original spring, reducing arm pump and increasing front wheel grip. On high-end forks with modern, large negative chambers, the difference won’t be as significant, making the $405 kit a good investment only for real coil freaks.

    • butter smooth response
    • finely graded spring strengths
    • low maintenance
    • loud on big hits
    • re-conversion to air spring not advisable




    Push ElevenSix-RT Micro for Evil Following MB/V3 - Fanatik Bike Co.


    Making your mountain bike experience better is why we exist. The ELEVENSIX is not just a rear shock, it's a trans-formative ride experience that allows you to get the most out of your ride. Traction and grip like you've never experienced before. Plush, seemingly never ending travel that is somehow impossibly supportive at the same time. Big hit control that increases confidence and allows you to ride sections of trail that you never considered before. This isn't just a rear shock, this is you more confident than you've ever been on a bike.

    Not just a spring....An ultra-lightPUSH HyperCoil

    To build the world's most advanced MTB shock absorber requires one of the world's premiere suspension spring manufacturers. Each spring is precision manufactured at HyperCo's state-of-the-art USA facility and available in 25lb/in increments for uncompromising setup.

    Internal Floating Piston (IFP)

    Heat stability for consistent performance regardless of the terrain.

    More volume equals lower internal pressures and less friction. This results in increases in small bump sensitivity directly leading to better cornering grip and comfort. Increased nitrogen volume combined with its large surface area ensures cooling running temperatures on park days or extended descents.


    Speed Sensitive Hydraulic Bottoming Control

    We've all been there. You case a jump, come up short, or just finally get up the courage to do the big huck...only to find the landing is to flat.

    Our new Speed Sensitive Hydraulic Bottoming system is your solution.

    Developed in conjunction with the hybrid HyperCoil progressive spring system, the secondary shaft piston provides large increases in compression damping during the last 15% of shock stroke. Because it's completely independent of the main damping piston there are no compromises in the performance of the shock throughout the stroke.

    Say goodbye to harsh bottoming as the new Hydraulic Bottom Out Control allows you to ride harder and go bigger with a smooth and supportive end-of-stroke feel.


    The damping piston found in the all new ELEVENSIX features completely redesigned compression and rebound port profiles, providing smoother flow and an increase in damper response leading to a more controlled ride. The new piston assembly also features reconfigured progressive compression and rebound valving stacks providing less damping on small and high frequency bumps, while providing greater damping on larger impacts and g-outs.

    This new design delivers just the right amount of damping to maximize both comfort and control.

    When ordering we only need to know your rider weight, riding style, and the bike you're on....we'll do the rest. Delivering a true performance upgrade ready to ride right out of the box. Each shock ships complete with spring and mounting hardware. No additional parts or modifications are necessary!

    Stop searching, and start riding!



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