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Fox Factory Inc.


Our purpose is to challenge the impossible and lead in the never-ending pursuit of maximum performance.

Fox Factory is the leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing world-renowned performance products. Our continued success is what happens when more than 4,000 individuals work as one, embodying our core values.

We didn’t get to this point of our journey on luck alone. All of our growth and success were made possible due to everyone’s hard work and passion they bring into work every day. Our continued success depends on maximizing the performance of every person on every team. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity while working in an environment in which they can grow and thrive. We must also ensure that we operate sustainably and give back to our local communities. No matter what we do, we are in the never-ending pursuit of excellence.


We believe progress happens when we challenge frontiers. So we commit to the adventure of a better world. To bend and break frontiers in relentless pursuit of a future where people and the planet come first. And where adventure is never done.

As a performance-driven brand and industry leader, we recognize the opportunity for social and environmental impacts to drive innovation and deliver sustainable company performance. Responsible growth means intentionally focusing on how our operations and products impact the environment and how we interact with our communities. Due to Fox’s involvement in various segments, we are in a unique position to lead the way with environmental, sustainability, and governance (ESG) initiatives.

In 2021, we formally embarked on our journey to become a purposefully sustainable company and increase our performance across ESG areas. We conducted a materiality assessment which identified our priority topics for our business and stakeholders. The assessment informed our sustainability strategy which we named Fox Factory Frontiers.

Our inaugural 2021 Sustainability Report details our guiding strategy and outlines our current performance based on standard frameworks. It lays the foundation for our goal setting which will take place later in 2022.


Trail Trust is Fox Factory’s signature community partnership program aimed at delivering sustainable adventure to everyone. It was launched in November 2021 under our new sustainability strategy’s Planet frontier. Because our products are an integral part of outdoor adventuring, we have the responsibility to promote the conscientious use of land amongst outdoor enthusiasts and protect our shared playgrounds. We also want to expand opportunities within the outdoor sporting industry, diversifying the populations that participate in cycling and power sports - because everyone deserves the thrill of adventure.

We are partnering with nonprofits in our communities to deliver on this mission. Our grant focus areas are responsible recreation, trail building and maintenance, and expanding access in the cycling and power sports industries. To date, we have awarded approximately $500,000 in Trail Trust funding to over 30 outdoor organizations.

Trail Trust program information, eligibility criteria, and the application form can be found at Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and are evaluated quarterly by the Trail Trust review committee.

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